Terra Cotta Bouquet Transfer Sheet - A06

Terra Cotta Bouquet Transfer Sheet - A06

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Transfer Papers should always be kept away from water or moisture till ready to use.

*Transfer papers are to be used on polymer clay

*Before applying transfer sheets, ensure your clay is flat, smooth, conditioned polymer clay

* Recommended that you have your clay on a smaller tile, so you can take to a sink to dissolve the transfer paper from the ink transfer to the polymer clay.

*Apply transfer sheet color facing down on the clay

*Use a brayer or slide your clay roller across the surface of the transfer sheet to burnish the sheet to the polymer clay (make sure you use light pressure while doing this, so you do not dent, or distort the clay)

*Allow the sheet to rest on the Polymer clay for about 3 to 5 minutes for the best adhesion and color transfer

METHODS to transfer image:

Option #1 - Spray Transfer: to transfer image, you can lightly spray water on the transfer sheet on the polymer clay until you see image appear and the goopy transfer paper dissolve. 

Then using your hand or a tissue blade, gently push/scrape across top of clay image to remove the dissolved paper. 

Repeat spray and removal of the dissolved paper until image is clear. 

***This method does not require that you have your clay on a smaller tile.

Option #2 - Rinse under tap water: to transfer image, take your small tile with the Polymer Clay / image transfer sheet to a sink. 

Turn on the tap, and make sure the water flow is gentle and slow (do not turn water full blast).  Rinse the clay/transfer image on tile under the running water until image appears. 

Use your fingers to gently remove excess dissolved paper until image looks clear.  Do not over-rub or images can distort or stick to your fingers and come off under the water. 

Repeat water rinse the until image is clear.


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