About Us

My name is Maureen, and I make all the items you see in the store.  It all started in 2015 when I decided not to go back into the Corporate world in Marketing & Advertising.  As much as I loved the work, I knew the daily commute that I moved away from in the busy metropolis of Toronto - Canada was not something I wanted to repeat.  

At the time I already had two little kids under the age of 5, and we had moved to California.  After staying at home with my boys for two and a half years, I really did not see myself sitting in an office, running to marketing meetings, being on set for advertising filming, or flying around to locations for campaign launches; not to mention the endless hours in traffic.

I knew that I wanted to reach back into my creative side, where I loved to paint, craft and create things with my hands.  In 2015 after five months of trial and error, I finally found jewelry as my creative outlet that I really wanted to delve into.  Finally in 2016, after some preparation I launched Rapunzel & Croft.  The name is synonymous with dreaming, being creative, and never fearing the adventure or change - be fearless, look forward.  Find beauty and meaning in every lesson.  We should embrace change everyday.  We grow stronger when we try new things and when we are challenged. 

I hope you enjoy all my jewelry as much as I enjoy making them.  I also hope that you find personal meaning and joy in each piece that you receive or gift to family and friends!

To being fearless in your journey,

Maureen Cilimdzic

Rapunzel & Croft
Owner, Designer and Marketer

The Maker, Owner & Designer

Here I am modelling one of the earrings. I take all my own photos, maintain the website for all the products, design, make and market. This includes all customer service too!

It's definately a labor of love; so I hope you time and look through all the designs that speak to you, and enhance your everyday magic of simply waking up and getting dressed!