It's Gorgeous Fall & Spooky Season!!

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Are you looking forward to the cooler weather?  Fall / Autumn is a gorgeous season if you live in a place fully of trees that change their leaf colors! 

I've lived in Canada, travelled through the New York state and the colors of all the trees as they change color during the cooler months is just magical!  This also provides the opportunity to crack out those gorgeous deep colors for your jackets, clothes, shoes and jewelry!!

Fall has another event that I love other than the changing colors!  Halloween is and has always been one of my favorite times of the year growing up.  The costumes, the trick or treating, the fun parties.  Now my kids get to enjoy all of those things that create fun and vivid memories for the rest of their lives!  I love decorating for Halloween, and having a party for the kids and adults.  It's always a fun time before the kids rush off to show their costumes house to house trick-or-treating!

Fall is such an inspirational time, and I love designing fun and colorful jewelry to go with your outfits, mood and occasions!  I hope I've captured the colors, joy, and fun in these designs and that you enjoy the 2nd part of the Fall Collection launch!

Have a Spooky fun month!



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